Ocean’s at Night at Birch Aquarium

It’s easy to appreciate the magnificence of our Ocean when you can see it under daylight, but at night it comes to life in ways you wouldn’t expect.


Join the Birch Aquarium for their monthly signature event and adults-only ‘Oceans at Night’ immersive and interactive experience highlighting the beautiful and mystical Ocean phenomena that occur at night. 


The stunning magic of bioluminescence and biofluorescence will fill you with wonder, and you’ll leave with a new appreciation and connection with these natural occurrences. 


The aquarium exhibits will be shown in an exciting new way, and you’ll see animals transform in the dark with specialized glowing lighting. 


You’ll be surrounded by a dreamy oceanic atmosphere as you enjoy live music, a glow lounge, life-size games, glowing cocktails, and food by The French Gourmet


Check with the Birch Aquarium here for ticket availability and learn when the next Ocean’s at Night event is.

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