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King Tides in La Jolla

If you didn’t make it out in December 2022 for the last King tide event, you’ll have another chance later in January with some of the year’s highest and lowest tide events.

The high tides are cause for excitement as the water swells up 7+ ft than what we normally see, as well as extremely low tides. 

You’ll often hear these extreme low tides called King negative tides as the water recedes back causing a negative afternoon low, revealing widened beaches and access to areas of the beach you wouldn’t usually see or be able to walk through without getting wet.

If you love tidepooling, you’ll want to jump on this opportunity, as there will be so much area more to explore.



Saturday, 1/21: high tide 8:03 AM, low tide 3:21 PM

Sunday, 1/22: high tide 8:50 AM, low tide 4:02 PM


The King tides are always an exciting event, but they offer a preview of what could be our coast’s future as global sea levels continue to rise. 

To learn more, check out what Surfrider San Diego says about it here.