Snorkeling in La Jolla

Explore seaside caves, giant kelp forests, and La Jolla’s thriving underwater world


Experienced swimmers and snorkelers would be better prepared for the waters at Boomer’s, as the currents can be much stronger in this exposed spot. Go beyond the shallower reef to see if you can spot a playful seal swimming through the thick kelp beds.

La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove is perfect for families with kids new to snorkeling or who want a place to take a break on the beach as often as they please. The water here is calmer, clearer, and has beautiful turquoise waters. You don’t have to go too far to explore reefs or find weird creatures lurking.

Goldfish Point & The Seven Sea Caves

Goldfish Point and the Seven Sea Caves can be accessed just south of La Jolla Cove and is a great launch point to explore just outside the caves. It’s a great spot to see bright orange Garibaldi and the hundreds of black Cormorants roosting on the bluffs.

Devils Slide

Devil’s Slide is just south of the Marine Room and sits at the base of impressive towering bluffs for you to take in. Explore waters up to 30 ft deep and check out the rocky reefs mixed and sandy patches. Spot octopus, horn sharks, and the long and slender California barracuda fish.

Marine Room & Leopard Shark City

A fantastic beginner’s spot where the waters are calm and shallow, the sea floor is sandy, and access is easy. This spot is also ideal for watching large swarms of leopard sharks during their mating season between June and October.

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