Las Patronas Jewel Ball 2023

With a rich legacy of generosity, Las Patronas stands as a philanthropic powerhouse. Since its establishment in 1946, Las Patronas has dedicated itself to giving back, having contributed over $26 million to countless charitable institutions in San Diego. Through year-round fundraising endeavors and the highly anticipated Jewel Ball, an enduring social, cultural, and philanthropic tradition, Las Patronas generates the funds that fuel its mission.

Join them for their annual Jewel Ball at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. Have fun at the discos and daisies-themed, black-tie event complete with cocktails, hors d’Oeuvres, dinner, live entertainment, and a silent auction.

What sets Las Patronas apart is its unwavering commitment to San Diego County. Every dollar raised remains within the local community, benefiting diverse organizations. Las Patronas ensures their impact is far-reaching, from small grassroots nonprofits to prominent institutions. By supporting Las Patronas, corporations and individuals extend their philanthropic reach, providing aid to children and seniors, the homeless and the disabled, emergency response teams, and the military. Additionally, Las Patronas contributes to scientific research, health services, the environment, and cultural arts, making a profound difference across San Diego’s expansive geographical landscape.

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