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Bird Rock Community Meeting

The Bird Rock Community Council (BRCC) is organizing an important upcoming community meeting on September 5, focusing on the 14-unit Adelante Townhomes project at 5575 La Jolla Blvd. The session will cover potential changes proposed by the project developer and owner of Murfey Co, Russ Murfey. 


The BRCC aims to facilitate an open and informative discussion about the project and its planned modifications. The community is encouraged to attend the meeting, scheduled from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at Bird Rock Elementary. There will be limited access available through Zoom for those unable to attend in person.


The primary goal of this BRCC Community Meeting is to foster a constructive exchange of information, viewpoints, or concerns regarding the Adelante Townhomes project.


The September 5 meeting will be the final opportunity for residents within the broader Bird Rock community to learn more and present their perspectives.


The BRCC has provided detailed information about the Adelante Townhomes project:

Click here to learn more.


You can also visit, and email any questions to [email protected].