Marine Room & Leopard Shark City

This is a great place for beginner swimmers to snorkel safely and witness some of the coolest underwater residents of La Jolla. From waist-deep water, you can see rays, seals, fish, and even leopard sharks without venturing too far out. If you’re a fan of sightseeing below the waves, this is the place for you.

The waters are calm and shallow here and the sea floor is sandy, s you’ll have an easy time navigating the waters while you explore the area.


Access is an easy right at the south end of La Shores Beach in front of the Marine Room restaurant. This spot is also appropriately referred to as Leopard Shark City as it’s ideal for watching the large swarms of leopard sharks during their mating season between June and October.

Enter Water

By the Marine Room


Sting Rays-Do the sting ray shuffle AKA drag your feet instead of stomping. Stingrays hide in the sand and if stepped on will sting. Shuffling your feet can prevent you from being stung

Under The Sea

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