La Jolla Ranks #4 in Most Desirable U.S. Neighborhoods

Valorie Hirsch | April 20, 2023

A recent study by HouseFresh analyzing Zillow searches reveals that La Jolla is the #4 most searched neighborhood, with over 25,000 daily property views.

If you’re one of the many people who have the Zillow app downloaded purely to scroll homes, get design inspiration, and fantasize about what your dream home will look like, you are not alone. It can be fun to get a glimpse into the life of luxury, even if it’s currently out of reach. 

HouseFresh, a company specializing in indoor air quality and air purifiers, initially set out to study if there was any correlation between air quality and real estate preferences. 

Michael Kolomatsky covered the story in the New York Times, noting that while the original study was inconclusive, HouseFresh used the remaining data–a “list of neighborhoods ranked from most to least popular based on average daily visits to local listings.” La Jolla is number 4.

HouseFresh explains their methodology, saying they “collected Zillow sales listings from America’s 100 most populous cities and identified each home’s neighborhood, the number of days listed on Zillow and the number of page views. We then calculated the daily page views for each listing and averaged the daily views across each neighborhood.” 
The data used for the study was collected in October 2022.

Much like the Hollywood Hills neighborhood with the #2 spot, the median home value in La Jolla is just over $2 million, well over the national median. The gap between how many people are looking in that area at that price point indicates that it’s likely that a significant portion of La Jolla’s daily property views is what the New York Times calls’ fantasy scrolls’.

While scrolling through available listings in La Jolla, most descriptions, of course, include specifics about the property, like chosen finishes, architectural styles, amenities, extra features, and more. Everything from infinity pools, elaborately manicured yards, and wraparound windows to panoramic ocean views from every room and incredible remodels where no expense was spared. 

Where do we sign?

Part of the excitement from scrolling on Zillow comes from the more unique finds. For example, in La Jolla’s listings, you could find a historical home with an older Spanish revival architectural style prevalent in San Diego in the 1920s. 

Architectural styles and designs in La Jolla are diverse, so you’re likely to see a well-preserved older home sitting proudly next to an edgier, modern looking home or next to a ranch-style home or an open-concept beach-style home like you’d see in the Hamptons.

La Jolla is so much more than its gorgeous homes, though, with most listings making sure to mention the city of La Jolla’s many ideal qualities and offerings that sweeten the deal even more. 

La Jolla’s property listings are smart to highlight their proximity to world-class beaches, charming boutique, and luxury shopping, a thriving arts & culture scene, delicious restaurants, top-rated schools, and an abundance of activities for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers. 

In addition, La Jolla’s mild Mediterranean climate offers relatively warm temperatures year-round. There’s also close access to major freeways and public transportation. 

It’s not said where the majority of the clicks are coming from, but it’s clear that La Jolla’s neighborhoods and real estate market have the attention of homebuyers, whether they’re serious or aspirational lookers. But, of course, with La Jolla’s enchanting landscape, beautiful homes, and the long list of offerings combined, it would come as no surprise that it would be at the top of anyone’s list.

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La Jolla Ranks #4 in Most Desirable U.S. Neighborhoods

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