Goldfish Point & The Seven Sea Caves

A good spot for intermediate swimmers to snorkel here. You’re likely to see Seals, Garibaldi, Crabs, starfish & the occasional Sea Turtle.” Intermedediet to advanced swimmers should only snorkel here. You can see mostly Garibaldi and Seals. Beautiful views of the caves and the birds that birch on the side.”


Goldfish Point and the Seven Sea Caves can be accessed just south of La Jolla Cove and is a great launch point to explore just outside the caves. Sunny Jim’s Cave is the closest cave to Goldfish Point, so you don’t have to venture out too far to get a peek into these mysterious caves. It’s a great spot to see bright orange Garibaldi and the hundreds of black Cormorants roosting on the bluffs.

Enter Water

Gold Fish Point ( Caution you walk down the edge of a cliff) – You can also swim from La Jolla Cove Beach.



Rocky Reef, Moderate to Strong Currents. When the surf is large, avoid swimming here.Water is 15-25 feet deep & moderate to heavy currents depending on surf & tides. Avoid swimming here when surf is large.


Under The Sea

Rocky Reef

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