Culinary Favorite Chin’s Szechwan Coming to La Jolla

Valorie Hirsch | April 12, 2023
La Jolla’s already vibrant restaurant scene just got a lot brighter with the Chinese restaurant chain Chin’s Szechwan coming to La Jolla. 

eighteen dishes on black table cloth showing the variety of meals served at Chinese restaurant chin's szechwan in La Jolla

Chin’s Szechwan could not have chosen a better location than La Jolla to open its seventh restaurant in San Diego County–yes, their seventh!! The restaurant opened in Hawaii in 1976, and its first San Diego location in 1984 was in Carlsbad Village. Ever since then, they haven’t been shy in their expansion efforts, and with as many locations as they have, not to mention the long list of accolades they’ve received over the years, it’s clear they have the food to back it all up.

They have an extensive menu, so clear some room in the fridge for the leftovers you’ll enjoy the next day. Some popular and classic dishes include the Lo Mein Soft Wok-tossed Noodles with onions, bean sprouts, mixed vegetables, and a choice of meat and Kung Pao with your choice of meat, mushrooms, squash, and peanuts in a kung pao sauce. 

The vibes and decor at Chin’s other locations are said to be classy, with elegant and classic oriental accents, art, fabrics, and light fixtures, so we’re excited to see how they transform the new digs.

interior dining room with four black tables and traditional Chinese decor and design with red and black colors

Speaking of, you’ll find the new Chin’s at 623 Pearl St. in La Jolla, taking over the China Chef restaurant next to the Taco Stand. They look forward to opening this summer.

With the opening of Chin’s Szechwan in La Jolla, food lovers in the community will have yet another exciting option to enjoy and gain a new favorite!

Learn more about Chin’s Szechwan and check out their menu here.

Photos courtesy of Chin’s Szechwan.

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