Beaches in La Jolla

Vibrant stretches of sand, cozy enclaves, and crystal blue waters perfect for all-day adventure

Shell Beach, a petite marvel, offers abundant delights for exploration. Ideal at low tide, it unveils a small sliver of sun-soaked sands and an array of enticing tidepools. Unearth treasures like sea shells and glass, or bask in the beauty. 

Venture down the sandstone for swift access to the hidden gem, Boomer Beach. Escape the bustling crowds and savor tranquility with a dash of excitement. A popular spot to watch experienced body surfers.

La Jolla Cove: a vibrant haven teeming with life. Witness chatty sea lions, graceful Cormorants in flight, and a bustling underwater world. The cove’s tranquil, inviting turquoise waters are a haven for safe swimming and snorkeling.

La Jolla Shores Beach, dubbed “The Shores” by locals, is the ultimate hub for an action-packed day at the beach. It’s a paradise of options – sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and beyond. 

Explore La Jolla’s renowned Black’s Beach, a thrilling adventure to reach, with a clothing optional side. Immerse in 2 miles of striking golden black sands, towering cliffs, exceptional waves, and sky-bound hang gliders. 

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